A white christmas

There’s no better time of year to embrace Scandinavian style than during the winter holidays. The lands of ice and snow, of warm-huddle-fires and reindeer, Scandinavia is as close to the Christmas idyll as one can[…]

Ply is fly!

Plywood is making it’s way in to our homes. From the kitchen till the bathroom, plywood can be used anywhere you want. Plywood is strong, cheap and it combines perfectly with almost everything. Personally I[…]

Urban jungle

Urban jungle, one of the interior trends in 2016. What is it? Well, you see lots of flowers/plants, natural materials en green colours everywhere you look. It’s like you are in a jungle in your[…]

Groen wonen

‘Natural living’ was one of the most important trends of 2015. In 2016 the trends continues, so buy as much plants as you want and stay natural! From; Pinterest