Green revolution

It’s time for the Green revolution in The Netherlands! In Utrecht the construction of the first jungle flat in the Netherlands starts next year.

The 90 mt high ‘Vertical Forest’ designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti is part of the project Wonderwoods (Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects), which attempts to create, in Utrecht city center, in the new Healty Urban Quarter, an innovative experience of cohabitation between city and nature. Wonderwoods will host around 200 apartments, of a variety of typologies designed to host a mix of users: young professionals, keyworkers, urban families and empty nesters.
Wonderwoods will host on the façades of Vertical Forest around 10,000 plants of different species (360 trees, 9,640 of shrubs and flowers), equal to 1 ha of woods.
Once realized, Wonderwoods will contribute to absorb more than 5,4 tons of CO2.

Thanks to the ground floor, open to the district, Wonderwoods Vertical Forest designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti is a smart building that dialogs with the surrounding city.  Its height and set-backs follow and enhance the dimensions of the plot between Croeselaan and Jaarbeursboulevard. Healthy restaurants, shops, a fitness area, education facilities, bike parking places and a public leisure space: Wonderwoods Vertical Forest proposes itself as the new healthy centre of Utrecht.
Wonderwoods Vertical Forest will be, therefore, a real urban ecosystem, hosting over 30 different vegetal species.











Source: Stefano Boeri