Strong and elegant

While doing some research about the art and interior style from the 50’s, I came across the website of PIB. That’s where I found the bench Mabillon.
The Bench Mabillon brings a breath of vintage Scandinavian decoration to your living room. Mabillon sits on four robust and perfectly rigid metal legs which give an impression of lightness.
For even greater comfort, you can complete the Mabillon bench with a couple of cushions.

Style of the 50’s and 60’s
The furniture style took a great boom because of modernity and the decorative style of the 50s and 60s which is still used today. During this period of time many technics, production forms and revolutionary creations developed. People separated more and more from the classic furnishing style and therefore functional and adjustable furniture became more popular.

The key features of  the brand reflect the main values at PIB – style, quality and timelessness. Their aim is to provide you with products which blend our own stylistic touches with classic 20th century design. Designed by their own team, many products are 100% crafted by hand in their own factories and, after revision, sent directly to our warehouse. All products have very strict requirements regarding strength, appearance and durability. PIB believes in high quality, exclusive design!






Source: PIB