Christmas tree out, houseplant in

Whilst one person wants to hang on to the festive season for as long as possible, another has been trying to get the tree out of the house for weeks. But now it really has to go! Christmas tree out, houseplant in!

These 4 houseplants are happy to fill the space for you and are as substantial as the Christmas tree.

The Pachira is also known as the money tree: something everyone can do with after the expensive Christmas period! Until the money starts pouring in you can at least enjoy the fabulous green leaves.

Yes, honestly: the Beaucarnea really is a plant and not a tree. It doesn’t easily flower indoors, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. Even its name is beautiful!

The Polyscias is a worthy replacement for the Christmas tree. This houseplant is happy in the shade and grows straight upwards, just like a pine tree.

The Draceana is a really exotic statement plant and a huge benefit is that this indoor tree is known to be a powerful air purifier.


Source: Mooi wat planten doenPinterest