Weekly theme: summer vibes

It’s not just the weather that’s hotting up – the summer 2017 trends are a sight to behold and are guaranteed to inspire you!

From botanical prints, which are getting hotter and hotter this year, to natural materials and craft-led design, it’s all here. Rather than encouraging you to totally redecorate, these round-up of interiors trends is all about giving you inspiration, whether you want to buy something as small as a new throw or are looking to try a completely new colour scheme. Either way, summer 2017’s interiors trends are smoking hot!

Dream weaves
Beautiful basket weaves are a standout feature in the latest furniture designs. This stylish lounge chair epitomises the new rustic chic by combining delicate rattan pattern with a clean silhouette and understated fabric in a soft, powdery shade.











Denim blue












Botanical prints











Shadow play
From hypnotically realistic digital prints to a more stylised sense of light and dark created by relief surfaces, shadows feature in many of this season’s fabric collections.












This summer, pattern and bright colour are making room for a host of pleasing textures with a soft drapable quality. Gentle tones bring further sophistication to these offerings.











From: Ideal Home, Pinterest