Weekly theme: lovely lofts

A loft can be an upper storey or attic in a building, directly under the roof. Alternatively, a loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use (a converted loft) from some other use, often light industrial. Adding to the confusion, some converted lofts include upper open loft areas. Within certain upper loft areas exist even further lofts, which may contain loft areas of their own, and so forth.

Loft apartments are apartments that are generally built from former industrial buildings. When industrial developments are developed into condominiums instead of apartments, they may be called loft condominiums. The general term warehouse-to-loft conversions may sometimes be used for development of industrial buildings into apartments and condominiums. “Loft-style” may also refer simply to developments where a street-level business occupies the first floor while apartment “lofts” are placed above the first floor.

An old factory in Kortrijk has undergone an amazing transformation. The building has been transformed into loft with beautiful curves and unusual shapes.

Design by Graux & Baeyens.








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A cosy, colourful loft.







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This loft in Lithuania has steel as one of the basic materials. The loft was designed by IDwhite designers. They chose to use other sturdy materials in this loft as well as leather, concrete and wood for a complete look.











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Two directors bought an old factory in Clerkenwell, a district in central London. The building itself was already very tough and industrial, a style that the directors appeal to, but the space had to be made a ‘home’. They asked APA to make a desgin. They made a completely new industrial loft by adding tough materials. The windows remained in tact.

In the middle of the loft is a steel box. This forms the heart of the apartment and is the most important part of the house. In the box, the bathroom is clogged and the archive full of movies and books – a great asset for directors!









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This artificial loft in Kiev, Ukraine, is designed for a young lawyer. The house was designed by Martin Architects’s designers. The design remains surprising and you see that everything really is thought about.

Besides, this loft is also designed as ‘smart’. The occupant can easily operate the lighting and heating with his phone.








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