Weekly theme: wallpaper

Nature-inspired and natural wallpaper

Whether inspired by nature or created from nature, the first trend is wallpapers that have nature-inspired patterns or those that use natural materials.














Faux finish wallpaper in commercial & corporate settings

Last year, faux finish was an extremely popular choice for residential spaces. Whether it was wallpapers or murals, interior designers couldn’t get enough of brick, concrete, or wood-inspired patterns.

While we see this trend continuing into this year, expect to see a rise of wallpaper usage in commercial and corporate settings. Some examples of the types of environments we’re talking about include retail space, offices, condos/apartments, dental or medical offices, nursing homes, and schools.













Silver and gold wallpaper

Who doesn’t need some bling for their walls? These wallpapers usually feature metallic embellishments that catch the light and create a subtle shimmering effect. Nothing says “dazzling” quite like metallic silver and gold wallpapers. Talk about glamorous!













Large scale wallpaper murals

Wallpaper murals will be reaching new levels of popularity this year and with good reason. They’re super trendy and can boost the level of creativity in a room’s design. Some of the popular large-scale wallpaper mural categories we predict for next year include urban landscapes, wood-inspired faux finish designs, and art-inspired patterns.













Making an impact with feature walls

Along the same lines, the #5 trend for 2017 will be creating feature walls (sometimes, they’re also sometimes called “accent walls”).A “feature wall” is a term used to describe a wall that stands out because they are different when compared to the other walls in the room. Often, this wall is the spotlight of the room’s design, garnering the most attention.  While murals (such as the ones in the previous category) are commonly used to create feature walls, you can use “regular” wallpaper as well. However, you have to be slightly pickier so be sure to refer to our guide, What You Need To Know About Wallpapering Feature Walls.













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