2017: colour palettes


Pure & natural:
Natural materials, pure and greyish colours. The ‘natural’ trend continues!

Colours: olive green, brown, beige, light grey and anthracite.
Combine with: concrete accessories/floor, metallics like copper, gold and bronze, velvet, velours, wood, cotton and knittings.

Into the deep:
Just like in 2016, the darks blue colours are going to be a huge trend in 2017!

Colours: dark blue , emerald green, en matt black.
Combine with: velvet, velours, colourful details, cognac coloured leather, dark wooden flooring.

Do you want to make your interior a bit lighter? Go for pink! This trend will look best with ‘ton sur ton’ combinations; a palette of different shades of one colour.

Colours: old pink, soft pink, powder pink, beige and coral as brighter colour.
Combine with: concrete accessoiries, wood, linen, plants, sleek and airy furniture.

Ice blue and lila:
As the counterpart of the previous colours, this colour trend has a cool touch. If you like the Scandinavian style, this trend might be your favourite. But in a more luxurious interior it will look just as good.

Colours: cool blues, lilac, purple, taupe en white.
Combine with: white wood, greyish wood, linen and soft cotton.

From: Pinterest