The Wooden House

The Wooden House by studio PIKAPLUS effortlessly transitions between inside and out. A sizable glass facade—broken by a light mesh of wood planks—beckons natural light in through the ample windows outfitted in the house’s pentagonal face.  […]

Strong and elegant

While doing some research about the art and interior style from the 50’s, I came across the website of PIB. That’s where I found the bench Mabillon. The Bench Mabillon brings a breath of vintage Scandinavian[…]

Ultra 2018

Complex and contemplative, Pantone’s Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of[…]

IMM 2018 highlights

Two weeks ago, I visited IMM Cologne interior show. IMM is the first interiors show of the year 2018 that presents the trends that will be shaping the furniture and interiors sector – and the products[…]

A white christmas

There’s no better time of year to embrace Scandinavian style than during the winter holidays. The lands of ice and snow, of warm-huddle-fires and reindeer, Scandinavia is as close to the Christmas idyll as one can[…]

Urbania lights

Fill your rooms with joy from the gleaming light rays and alluring silhouettes of the Urban light house. Leave the light house on its own or use it as part of a design tableau.  […]

Block that colour

Colour blocking has recently spilled over into home décor and interior design. This trend takes the same idea in home design that is does in fashion: the colours are paired with no concern of matching. In[…]