A white christmas

There’s no better time of year to embrace Scandinavian style than during the winter holidays.┬áThe lands of ice and snow, of warm-huddle-fires and reindeer, Scandinavia is as close to the Christmas idyll as one can[…]

A Scandinavian christmas

Hello December! Hello winter and hello christmas!! December is one of my favourite months of the year. To most people christmas is the main family event of the year, and there is always a certain[…]

Hanging on the wall

A l0t of houses have boring bare walls. But what to do about it? The Scandinavian webshop ‘Uit t noorden‘ has the answer; VertiPlants. You can use these flowerpots inside and outside. The flowerpots are[…]

The children’s bedroom is very important room. Children are spending a lot of time in this room. Not only when they are asleep, they also spend a lot of time in their room in the[…]